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YTY's winter festival for the whole family in Talma 8.2.2020

09.01.2020 | SAVALnews


Welcome to the Winter Festival! The Winter festival features a skiing school for children and adults alike, downhill skiing, games in the snow, and roasting sausages in a Sami hut. Come with the children or on your own.
In the morning you can take part in ski instruction. Children and adult beginners can participate in the class. If the hill feels too small for skis, try a new sport – there is also a beginner's group for snowboarding.
You can also just get a cheaper ski pass or tickets for the children's area (Werneri Park), ski when you want, and take a break for lunch and coffee (please sign up so we can make sure to book lunch for everyone).
YTY offers the classes, lunch, coffee, and sausage roasting in the Sami hut reserved for us. For other downhill skiing you need a ski pass, which you get at a discounted price from your ticket sales office.

Ticket prices
•    Ski passes 26 euros / day ticket (under 6 yrs free)
 Those only participating in the skiing class do not need a ski pass.
•    Werneri Park € 11 / day ticket (children under 4 free, adults also need a ticket to the area. The ski pass also allows access to Werneri Park)
•    Rental equipment 23 euros / day
Note! The event is open only to YTY members and their spouses, as well as the children/grandchildren of their own families.
10.00 Talma opens. Ski passes and Werneri Park tickets are purchased at the ticket office and equipment is rented from the equipment rental company.
10-15 The Sami hut in Werneri Park is for use by YTY, and coffee and hot juice will be served throughout the day.
12-14 Skiing classes on the slope
11 -15 A soup lunch is served in the Sami hut (fish and vegetable soup)
19.00 The Talma lifts close
Skiing school groups
•    Young children (5-7yrs)
•    Older children (8-11yrs)
•    Adult beginners and adolescents (12+ yrs)
•    Snowboarding for beginners (10 years and older, including adults)
•    We do not have any groups for children under five, we recommend buying a ticket to Werneri Park
More about the event: Leena Vänni, tel. 09- 2510 1335,

Note! Each participant needs their own ticket, so if you have, for example, two adults and two children, buy tickets four times and choose the skiing class that suits each one (or not attending the skiing class). Use the same email address for each of your tickets but each participant's own name to identify who belongs to the same family.

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