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The priorities in 2020: To promote a change in Finnish coaching and to ensure the quality of personal membership service

06.01.2020 | SAVALnews


The Board of Directors approved the action plan at the autumn meeting

he promotion of change in sports culture and coaching will continue to be strongly promoted in cooperation with the Finnish Coaches (Suomen Valmentajat) and the Finnish Olympic Committee. 'The Coach Matters' campaign will be expanded to include a change in the whole Finnish sports culture. The working title “Commitment to Sport” extends the campaign into a multi-year process that involves other sports stakeholders. The purpose is to answer the question "what kind of sport do we want".

SAVAL is a partner in the CoachForce21 project from 2019-2021, which also supports the promotion of coaching change. The purpose of the project is to outline the overall picture of coaching and promote the development of coaching as a profession.

Ensuring the quality of your personal membership service

Personal membership service is the foundation of SAVAL's operations. In personalised member counselling, quality, speed of processing and the functionality of the service are further developed. In member counselling, the SAVAL executive director is assisted by the entire staff of the YTY office and the number of members of the member service team is strengthened to ensure the quality of member counselling. SAVAL offers its members e.g. personal employment counselling and negotiation assistance in case of problems.

Personal interest protection for full-time and part-time entrepreneurs and multi-employment members is being developed. SAVAL is a member of YTY, and through its membership, SAVAL's members who are entrepreneurs or members thinking about becoming entrepreneurs have access to extensive services. In addition to the development of collective interest protection, training in business start-up, finance, taxation, insurance, self-employment, training on the social and unemployment security of the entrepreneur and on the health and well-being of the entrepreneur is available.

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